The Deliberate Cleaning Approach Helps Prevent Microwave Over Short-Circuiting

Posted on: 11 June 2015

If you didn't cover up those leftovers before putting them in the microwave, the popping sounds of grease and fat exploding means the inside of the appliance is getting splattered. Putting off cleaning the microwave means the interior is going to be loaded with caked and dried grease. When you do clean the microwave, do so carefully. You do not want water entering the perforated metal grid because the interior circuits will end up damaged. So, you have to be a little deliberate while cleaning.

Directly Target Stains When Spraying Cleaners

Good-quality grease cutting sprays can break up even the most stubborn of stubborn stains. Opening up the microwave and spraying away, however, is not advised. This is how liquids end up entering the grid and soaking the interior circuitry.

A better plan is to put the nozzle close to the stains. Directly spray just enough on the grease to allow the cleaner to break up the caked stains. Let the cleaner do its job for two minutes or so. Take a plastic knife and lightly scrape away the broken up grease. Avoid using a metal knife since this might scratch the interior of the microwave. Wipe away the grease with a dry towel. If part of the stain remains, spray again and repeat the process.

Use a Lightly-Dampened Towel

A lightly dampened towel, not a thoroughly soaked one, should be used to clean out the walls of the interior. Using a really soggy and soapy towel leads to excess water dripping into the grid. Since the circuitry beyond the grid is out of sight, you do not know how much water has soaked it. Thinking all is well, you plug the microwave back into the socket and turn the appliance and major sparks start flying. By using a lightly dampened towel, you can avoid such a disaster.

Clean the Grid with a Toothbrush

Since the grid provides a direct portal to the interior circuitry, avoid going over it with a wet towel. Instead, gently scrub away any grease with the toothbrush. Try to scrub in a downward direction. Doing so ensures caked grease broken loose falls down to the bottom of the microwave.

Repairing the Microwave

What can you do if, despite all your careful steps, the microwave short-circuits? Contact an appliance service to check the appliance out. One company that offers that service is Prompt Appliance Services, Inc.

Perhaps one little part is all that needs to be replaced. Once the microwave is fixed, try to be even extra careful when cleaning.