Keeping Your Washing Machine In Excellent Working Condition

Posted on: 4 September 2015

Your washing machine can last you a long time if you do things right. With just a little extra maintenance and proper preparation, you can extend the lifespan of your washer and decrease your chances of needing to have it repaired. Follow the 5 tips detailed in this article to know you are taking proper care of your washer.

Set it up carefully

When you are moving your washing machine to its new location you want to make sure it's empty. You also want to be careful and move it in the upright position. Set it on a level floor and make sure none of the legs wobble and the entire unit doesn't rock at all. You also want to have it pulled forward from the wall enough to allow plenty of space for the attachments and hoses.

Load the tub correctly

You should never overfill the washer with a too-large load. If you have large blankets or other very large items to wash, you may want to take them to a laundromat and use their larger machines. Keep heavy shoes and other items that can weigh down one side more than the other out of the machine. Heavy and uneven loads can cause it to become unbalanced.

Set the water level correctly

If you are washing a small load, then set the water level to that setting, set larger loads for a larger setting. This means you need to check the water level setting for each new load you put in. This will help you keep your washer in better shape and it will help you from wasting unnecessary water.

Take your clothes out as soon as they are done

As soon as your load of laundry is done, you want to take the clothes out and dry them. Leaving a load of wet clothes in the machine can lead to the development of mold and mildew in the tub of the washer. If this happens, you will need to clean the washer's gaskets, soap dispenser and tub. It's much easier to avoid the issue by staying on top of your laundry.

Check for small metal items left in the washer

Change, paper clips or other small metal items can cause the tub of your washer to rust if they are left in here. These items can easily fall out of your pockets if you don't remember to take them out before you wash your clothes.

Call an appliance repair person quickly for issues

If you notice any problems or strange sounds coming from your washing machine, you want to have someone (from companies like DBH Appliance Repair) come out and look at it before you continue using it. This will help prevent any issues from getting worse.